Monthly Archives: March 2007

This is not a newspaper!

Welcome to the all new Clarion Call blog! Are you ready for something completely different?

After 18 years, I recently retired as editor and publisher of The Lake & Valley Clarion, a weekly newspaper serving northern Livingston County. Under the non-compete agreement I signed with Johnson Newspaper Corporation, I am not allowed to engage in the newspaper business for the next five years either in print or online. Therefore, this blog will not attempt to provide comprehensive coverage of all the news of any of the communities we formerly covered.

On the other hand, the agreement allows me to occasionally report on local news events online for the purpose of making commentary thereon. I have a strong interest in the future of Geneseo and will continue to report and comment on this site on key developments in the Big Box battle and other issues of concern. I may also stray from time to time into commentary on issues in other neighboring towns or of county, state or national interest.

In addition, I will continue to write my weekly column The Clarion Call. Just so I don’t get out of practice, look for it here every Tuesday. I have also arranged for Bill Lofquist to continue his popular column “Preserving Small Towns” on this site. Just to space things out a bit, Bill’s column will appear on Thursdays.

While the columns may be familiar, the media is totally different and we hope to take advantage of the unique technology of the Internet to make this site more like what you expect to find on the web. This will include links to send you on to other websites that you may find useful. To avoid libel and spammers, however, all comments will be screened before posting. So get busy and let us know what you think!