PDDG case to be heard May 16

The case of Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo vs. Weston Kennison will commence on May 16 before Supreme Court Justice Ann Marie Taddeo. Judge Taddeo, who is from Rochester, was assigned the case after the two Livingston County Court Judges, Dennis Cohen and Robert Wiggins, as expected, declined to take the politically charged case. Judge Taddeo has scheduled a conference on the case for 9:30 A.M. on May 16th in Geneseo.

Plaintiffs Bill Lofquist and Corrin Strong, who are acting as their own counsel in the dispute over the Town Of Geneseo’s compliance with the Freedom of Information Law, said they are not yet sure whether the conference is open to the public or other members of PDDG. Stay tuned!


One response to “PDDG case to be heard May 16

  1. Corrin Strong, Editor

    For those of you not fortunate enough to read the Livingston County News, the Letter to the Editor below from Phil Bracchi of Geneseo was printed in this week’s issue. It concerns published complaints by Supervisor Kennison about the manner of serving process in the lawsuit. As mentioned in Bill’s column last week, PDDG needed to bring the suit before April 1 and Town Clerk Jean Bennett was on vacation that week. Under the law we had to serve the Supervisor wherever we could find him.

    To the Editor

    I am writing in response to Supervisor Kennison’s dramatic and exaggerated remarks as quoted in the 4/5/07 edition of your paper. I served the Article 78 on Mr. Kennison at his residence after first going to the Town Office and then to his office in Welles at the college. Finding he was not at either of those places. I went to his door and knocked as I would on any door. Mr. Kennison answered the door. I greeted him and said I was sorry to bother him at home. I then handed the legal papers to him. I did not, in any way, “thrust” the papers at him. I handed him the papers and left for my car.

    I have had papers served to me at my residence in the past and understand that it is not unusual for the service to take place at a residence. The papers were handed to me and no explanation was offered. I do not believe I needed to explain what the papers were. Mr. Kennison was the only person I saw and it did not appear that I had disturbed his family.

    I believe I behaved civilly. If Mr. Kennison was surprised, I can understand, but I believe dramatics and exaggeration should be expressed on a stage and not in a quote for a newspaper.

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