Lima meeting on Master Plan tonight

This just in from Cathy Gardner of the Lima Citizens for Responsible Development:

Lima’s Town and Village Boards will conduct a joint public hearing regarding Lima’s draft comprehensive plan on Thursday, May 10, at Town Hall at 7 pm. Please attend if at all possible. It is vitally important that our elected representatives see firsthand that plans for Lima’s future are of high importance to many residents, not just a “vocal minority.”

The purpose of this legally mandated public hearing is to accept public comment on the draft comprehensive plan. As required by law, every resident who wishes to speak at this meeting will be allowed to do so.

The draft comprehensive plan includes many recommendations which support residents’ wishes for Lima’s future, as expressed in the 2002 and 2006 community surveys. Our elected representatives made a number of changes to the original recommendations. A committee of members of Lima Citizens for Responsible Development studied the plan and these changes closely.

We are very concerned that some important recommendations which support residents’ wishes have been altered or removed altogether by our elected representatives. These changes are summarized and may be viewed at

We are encouraged that many other recommendations are supported by our elected representatives. We are also encouraged that, in response to 2006 Survey responses, new recommendations which support a size limit for retail stores and establish improved design guidelines for new business construction projects were added.

Once the Town and Village adopt a comprehensive plan, all land-use regulations (zoning) for Lima must be updated to support the plan’s provisions. These changes will shape Lima’s future in the years ahead.

Public input to the development of a comprehensive plan is a legal requirement. Tomorrow’s meeting is the most important remaining step in the process of finalizing Lima’s comprehensive plan before it proceeds through the required review process.


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