Lima appoints Wal-Mart engineer to Planning Board

Mark Petroski, an engineer with Bergmann Associates, the firm that represented Wal-Mart in its ill-fated proposal to locate in Lima last year, was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Lima Town Board Thursday. The appointment, which was opposed by the Never in Lima citizens group passed 3-2, with Supervisor Pete Yendell joining board members Harold Harris and Greg Otterbein to choose Petroski out of a field of 7 applicants for the position. Board members Bruce Mayer and Hildegarde Turk voted against the appointment.

According to Never in Lima, three of the other applicants had prior Planning Board experience and another two had recently completed basic training to serve on a Planning Board. The board acted without publicly discussing the appointment or any of the merits of the other candidates.

Never in Lima spokesperson Cathy Corby Gardner said she was particularly concerned because of the written comments that Petroski had submitted on the proposed new Lima Master Plan. A few examples were:

“The current 2006-2007 proposed draft is over reactive and inadequate. I think it hangs a sign on this Town that says stay out. . . there is an over riding sentiment of protectionism, environmental extremism, and a “get them before they get you” attitude.”

“Clearly the Draft is a statement that the rights of the individual should be eliminated in favor of the environment and the public at large. I think this is some anti-American blend of communism and socialism but nevertheless what the Draft is promoting.”

In other master plan news, the proposed new Village of Geneseo plan will be revisited by the Livingston County Planning Board on Thursday. The proposed plan was rejected by the county board in a 14-2 vote at its last meeting.(See our previous report from May 22)

The battle over the Geneseo plan is the subject of a Rochester Democrat and Chronicle article posted here. Please note: the article is in error in stating that the County Planning Board meeting is Wednesday.

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