Newman EIS draft delayed

In a surprise announcement at the end of Monday evening’s Geneseo Town Planning Board meeting, Chair Dwight Folts stated that Newman Development Group’s long awaited Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) has been further delayed. Newman was not able to meet its self-imposed submission deadline of last Friday, apparently as the result of the need to conduct additional traffic studies of Oneida, NY. (To understand why Newman is studying Oneida and how Oneida is faring under the strain of its Big Boxes, see our coverage here.

In an effort to ensure that its DEIS is complete when submitted, Newman also plans to share its work with Town engineers MRB Group prior to submitting it to the Board (and the public). These steps would seem to require at least a few weeks to complete.

As a result, the Town Planning Board canceled its June 25 meeting. The next Town Planning Board meeting is scheduled for July 9. Be sure to check back to the Clarion News Blog frequently for future developments.

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