Daily Archives: June 15, 2007

County meeting sheds much heat, little light

The Livingston County Planning Board revisited the issue of the Village of Geneseo’s proposed new Master Plan Thursday night, without shedding much light on their earlier decision to disapprove the plan. A larger number of the 26-member board was present than the bare 14-2 majority that rejected the plan at the May meeting. (See earlier Clarion News Blog posts from May 11 and May 22).

The village had asked for an explanation and evidence of the county-wide economic doom that the board had used as their excuse for dissing the plan. County Planning Board members, however, did not seem to have much in the way of actual proof of that claim. Instead they adopted a vague list of suggestions for the village to improve its plan.

The hope for any real dialogue was lost when Chairman Tim Brindusi started the meeting by indicating that no comments would be taken from the audience. This was disappointing since the plans authors, including Village Trustees Bill Lofquist and Sandra Brennan and former Master Plan Committee Chair Patti Lavigne were in attendance.

Lima representative Dennis Neenan and Geneseo businessman Barry Caplan tried to argue that the county should not act as a “Big Brother” to the village, dictating how they develop, but the tide was clearly running in the opposite direction. No formal motion to re-consider the previous decision was made.

The plan now goes to a Geneseo public hearing next Tuesday. After that, the village board can still pass the plan over the county’s objections if they can muster at least four votes. That will probably depend on what the public has to say

An endorsement for a super-majority vote was printed in Friday’s Democrat and Chronicle in the form of a letter to the editor from former DOT Regional Director Lewis Gurley of Avon. The letter can be read here.

Lew had served as a PDDG consultant last year (read his full report on Geneseo posted here), but this letter was totally unsolicited.