Daily Archives: August 6, 2007

Wilcox enters Geneseo Supervisor’s race

In an e-mail sent to three potential Supervisor candidates Sunday, Village Trustee Bob Wilcox announced that his name will be placed in nomination at the Geneseo Democrat Caucus Wednesday. He will apparently be challenging incumbent Wes Kennison for that nomination.

In his e-mail sent to Wes, Will Wadsworth and Corrin Strong, Wilcox said that,” After much soul-searching, I have come to believe that my experiences and skill-set might serve our community well.”

Kennison is already on the Conservative line after a challenge to designating petitions was thrown out last week by the Board of Elections on a technicality. Wadsworth was nominated at the Republican caucus Saturday. Strong, who finished a close second at the Republican caucus, has said on his campaign blog that he is considering a Independent run.

The Democrat caucus is set for Wednesday at 7 pm at the Geneseo Central School. There are also two town board seats up for nomination with one being held by incumbent Democrat Hop Manapol.