Daily Archives: August 9, 2007

Dems dump incumbents

Incumbent Geneseo Town Supervisor Wes Kennison and Town Board member Hop Manapol were denied renomination at the Democrat caucus Wednesday night. Village Trustee Bob Wilcox defeated Kennison 93-59. Manpol ran third in a three-way contest.

Former Planning Board Chair John Zmich led the town board race with 102 votes. Sally Wood edged out Manapol for the second slot 84-77. The total of 162 voters in the Supervisor’s race was about 100 less than voted in the Republican caucus Saturday, where Will Wadsworth was nominated for Supervisor.

The result sets up at least a three-way race for Town Supervisor as Kennison is already on the Conservative party line. Republican second-place finisher Corrin Strong is considering making it a four-way race by running as an Independent.

After his victory Wilcox seemed to welcome that possibility. “Let’s make it a four-way race and have some fun,” he told Strong who was among a dozen Republican observers who attended the caucus.

Independent nominating petitions must be filed by August 21. It is expected that at least three additional independent lines will be sought by the three competing teams who are already on the ballot, with incumbent town board member David Dwyer already on the Republican and Conservative lines.

Strong sent a e-mail survey to over 100 Republicans on Thursday morning asking their opinion on a four-way race. The survey can be seen on his campaign blog.