Kennison blames loss on PDDG

In an article published in this morning’s Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Supervisor Wes Kennison blamed his loss at Wednesday night’s Democratic caucus on the take over of the party by Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo. “”Over the past two years, I’ve had an increasing level of discomfort with the way the PDDG has been gradually taking over the Democratic Party,” Kennison was quoted as saying, “As of (the caucus), the transformation is complete.”

The article identifies Bill Lofquist, a Democrat, and Republican Corrin Strong as “principles” of PDDG and points out that Democrat nominee Bob Wilcox is not a member. Lofquist is quoted as saying, “Through this development issue, the absence of fair process and open government have been revealed.” Strong is reported to be considering an independent run for Supervisor.

The article also revealed that Kennison, along with town board incumbents Hop Manapol and David Dwyer will seek an independent line under the Common Sense Party. The three are already on the Conservative Party line together, although a state police investigation of allegations of fraud in those petitions continues to cast a shadow over the incumbent’s re-election campaign. (See previous blog on Petitiongate)

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