Daily Archives: October 26, 2007

Little light shed on public hearing procedure at Town Board meeting

Last night’s Geneseo Town Board meeting did not shed much light on the procedures to be used at next Monday’s public hearing on the Newman Development PDD application. Supervisor Wes Kennison said that he and Planning Board Chair Dwight Folts are still discussing whether citizens will be allowed 3 or 5 minutes each.

He also was unable to answer whether a single person would be able to have additional time to address each of the five segments that the planning board has suggested the meeting will be divided up into. Town Attorney Jim Coniglio did say, however, that a citizen did have the right to address any of the 5 subjects during a single comment if they wanted to.

A number of citizens appeared at the meeting and asked for clarification on the procedure. Cathy Evershed asked if the meeting could be broken up into two days instead of taking five hours on a single night. No promise was given on that, but Kennison said it could be an option if more people wanted to speak than could be accommodated.

Corrin Strong lodged a protest at the lack of clarity on the procedures which he called ‘unfair.’ “This is Thursday and the meeting is Monday,” he pointed out. “We should have answers to these questions tonight so we can plan our comments.”