Planning Board abandons segmented hearing idea

In a letter to Planning Board members over the weekend, Chairman Dwight Folts has indicated that tonight’s public hearing will not be broken up into five segments as originally suggested. Instead members of the public will be able to address any Newman PDD related topic at any point during the hearing.

The joint hearing with the Town Board is intended to cover the DEIS, site plan, subdivision and special use applications that are all before the Planning Board, and the PDD zoning itself which is under the jurisdiction of the Town Board. PDDG member Bill Lofquist has not received any official response to his letter protesting that some of those subjects are premature for a hearing.

In addition, Folts reported that each speaker will be allowed 5 minutes to speak, not the 3 minutes that was suggested by Town Supervisor Wes Kennison. The hearing will start at 6 p.m. Monday at the Geneseo Central School. It is scheduled to run until 11 p.m. if necessary.

There has been no clarification if comments can be made by people who are not Geneseo residents or if people will be allowed to make more than one comment if time allows.

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