Wadsworth elected supervisor; Dwyer and Hop win

Will Wadsworth cruised to victory in the Geneseo supervisor’s race with 35.7 per cent of the vote in a four-way race. Incumbent Wes Kennison came in second with 25.7 per cent on the Conservative and Common Sense lines. Democrat Bob Wilcox finished third with 21. 8 per cent of the vote, with Corrin Strong garnering 16.8 per cent on the independent Geneseo First line.

In the five-way Town Board race the two incumbents were re-elected with David Dwyer leading the ticket with 1,344 votes. Hop Manapol running on the Conservative and Common Sense lines defeated Republican Patti Lavigne for the second seat, 954-808. Democrats John Zmich and Sally Wood finished with 741 and 583, respectively.

A total of 2,316 votes were cast in the supervisor’s race, an increase of about 15 per cent over the total cast four years ago. The overall turn-out town-wide was about 44 per cent, but that was reduced by lackluster SUNY Geneseo student voting which was not a significant factor in the outcome.

In District 2, which is primarily college students, the turn-out was just 17.4 per cent. Wilcox won that district with 60 votes versus 45 for Wadsworth, 37 for Kennison and 27 for Strong. In contrast, the three districts outside the village had a turnout near 60 per cent. Those districts provided a healthy margin for the winners, while the Democrats did poorly outside the village, where Wilcox ran in fourth place.

In other election news, Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Jim Merrick of Groveland, a Republican, fought off a challenge by Democrat Ron Niedermaier. In Lima, the two Republican candidates who were also on the independent Lima Citizens party line, Kathy Gardner and Dan Marcellus both won. They had been active in the successful effort to stop a proposed Super Wal-Mart last year.

11 responses to “Wadsworth elected supervisor; Dwyer and Hop win

  1. What an exciting election and because it was, it resulted in an increased turnout.

    However, we still have to learn a great deal about political differences and how best and most effectively address them in a public forum. Argumentum ad Hominum (attacking the man and not the issue and/or his message) was liberally used. As a blogger under a PDDG article about the upcoming Newman hearing and Corrin’s so-called waffle on the issues, I had enjoined members to keep their focus on the issues and not to be waylaid by, among other things, critics outside the organization. The blog was directed at the PDDG membership. Mr. Greg Lamb misunderstood this comment to mean that we (I) ignored detractors (he among them) and would not respond to their attacks on members of the organization. He saw this as typical of the attitude of the overall membership of the PDDG organization. With limited time before the election, my goal was to urge PDDG members to keep their focus on the issues; not to waste time on detractors of the organization. I apologize if I did not make this clear. The detractors, one of whom was Mr. Lamb, had continually attacked the makeup of the membership and their supposed attitudes based on their views of the issues. This is Argumentum ad Hominum and most people try to avoid this kind of debate tactic because it detracts from the issues. It is utilized exclusively as an emotional appeal to listeners/readers. To assign an overall attitude to an entire group of individuals making up an organization is off the mark. I do not know Mr. Lamb. I hope that in the future he will respond to the views of the membership in the spirit of democratic debate and not with a mean-spirited comment on an individual. I respect his point of view on the issues, not on individuals and their alleged “attitudes.” It was a point of my blog to not waste time responding to detractors of PDDG prior to the hearing. Post hearing I am happy to respond. However, my general policy is not to respond to attacks on my person or personality. I do so now largely to clarify the intent of my blog.

    Then there was Hop Manapol’s article in the local press referring to the snobs and wealthy people living on Lima Road who sought to keep what they considered undesirable types off that highway. He felt this was the real goal of the people who signed the traffic petition. Again, Hop had used argumentum ad hominum to characterize a broad group of people. The roadway is lined with the homes of all types of people diverse in income, point of view and degree of “snobbery.” There are homes ranging in type to include some prefabricated dwellings. One house was designed and largely built and finished by the brave woman who lives there. The large number of horse farms are not inhabited by “snobs” but by those who moved there to enjoy riding in the country on a country road. Traffic causes horses to shy and is not a safe situation. Hop has lived here long enough to know this. I consider Hop and his wife friends. I was disappointed by his choice of reaction to his opponents. Again, he was not responding to the issue but was taking on the people who had taken a certain view of the issue.

    As an educator-librarian and information scientist with two master’s degrees, my aim is to instruct and to influence with reasonable dialogue. I would hope that respondents to my comments would have the same respect for me that I have for them. I hope I meet Mr. Lamb sometime and I look forward to talking with Hop about his article.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jean Lindsay

  2. It’s over and now G-town is going to be part and parceled. Our worse fears have been realized and we will not reconize our town in the near future.

  3. Corrin,

    Just wanted to pass along a note of thanks for all of the time and
    energy you put into your campaign for Supervisor. You ran a very civil
    campaign and I do believe you were the best qualified for the job. I
    extend my congratulations to Will Wadsworth !

    I just read your blog from this morning and thought your comments were
    right on. I hope those 62% of voters really know what is coming if the
    Lowes is built and the remainder of Volunteer road flips to retail which
    does seem more likely today than yesterday.

    So congratulations to the 62% of voters, as fortunately we live in a
    democratic society ! Welcome to more retail wages, more traffic, more
    lights, more 18 wheelers rolling through town. And let’s not forget
    about the multitude of local businesses in Geneseo, Avon, Lima,
    Livonia, Perry, Nunda, Mt. Morris that will fold due to this project.
    We can all say goodbye to the associated employment and tax revenue that is generated today by our friends and neighbors that run these stores.
    Don’t think for a minute that any existing business in the area that
    sells items similar to what Lowes does will survive, including in my
    opinion Tractor Supply (they sell a lot of lawn mowers and tools to be
    able to stock that specialized “one-off” farm gear that my wife and I
    need to run a horse boarding facility). The revenue and profits from
    these big box stores will not be spent in Geneseo and Livingston
    County…..but shipped elsewhere and spent on things like Nascar, and
    100 million dollar plus CEO salary and severance packages

    I still can’t figure out why this is good for me when there is a Lowes
    20 minutes away in Henrietta that I can drive to if I can’t find a
    similar item in Geneseo. I moved here to get away from this looming
    nightmare of sprawl. I guess if you live in Dansville this may be a
    good thing, as it will cut 20 minutes off your ride to the big box to
    save 10% on lumber….but in my view this is ALL bad for our town of

  4. Jean,

    Sorry for my misunderstanding of your intent in your prior blog entry. In terms of personal attacks, I have received many emails that I consider to be “personal attacks”. Those emails were from PDDG members. There have also been responses to prior blog entries of mine that I have taken personally. So, the door swings both ways. I have not always responded to the issue. PDDG has not always responded to the issue.

    I think the people have spoken. With over 60% of the votes for the Town Supervisor going to pro-growth candidates, the PDDG, in my opinion, is not representing what the majority of the voters want. Additional jockying and manuevering is going to cost the taxpayers more money as the lawsuits fly and the war continues. Lowes is coming to Geneseo. Delay tactics are costing tax revenue and jobs to those who need work. I understand that the PDDG says this is not a done deal. I disagree. The process may take longer than most wish, but, I firmly believe there will be a Lowes in Geneseo.

    While I only have one master’s degree, and, I do have a personal financial stake in the outcome, I sincerely believe that the people have stated their wants in this election and that Lowes is coming.

    If this entry does not address the issues, but rather attacks the “people” then I have more work to do on trying to improve responding to the issue and not taking on the people. When one is put on the defensive, it is sometimes hard not to go on the offensive.

  5. I don’t know how to be any more clear about this.Demanding that our government and developers follow the law is not a delaying tactic. It is absolutely essential to the future of our community.
    There may well be a Lowe’s someday in Geneseo, but it will brought in in a legal fashion or their will be lawsuits. Anything less will be mob rule which is what you seem to be encouraging. This is Supervisor Wadsworth’s challenge. Hopefully he will do a better job of following the law than his predecessor.

  6. There will be lawsuits regardless. Mob rule? I certainly did not mean to imply that. Rather, I think that the majority of voters have spoken in favor of the project. As you know, majority does not mean mob. Attorneys that I have consulted with do not think that the process has been illegal. But, I’m not a lawyer so I cannot confirm or deny. I’m just going on what they say. But, I agree with you that hopefully Will Wadsworth will do a better job, if in fact some legal problems have occurred. You’re the attorney, not me.

  7. The voters have made a big statement and it is time for progress. No more lawsuits, fighting or other BS. The anti Lowe’s candidates were crushed. Let’s get along and stop wasting our tax dollars.

  8. Hi Mark, Welcome to our blogosphere! It’s nice to have another voice from the pro-Lowe’s side, since we’re all getting tired of correcting Greg’s frequent misunderstandings.:)
    Since the election is over I would like nothing more than for everyone to start getting along. Since you are one of Will’s close friends perhaps you could encourage him to say something more definitive than “I trust the process.”
    Frankly, the process thus far sucks, which is a big reason why the incumbent only got 25 per cent of the vote. Those are worse than George Bush’s approval numbers!
    If Will’s idea of following the process is to continue Wes’s lead on Lowe’s you can expect his approval ratings to drop to about the same level by about the second of January.What we need is a fresh start on this whole issue.
    I am not that opposed to the Lowe’s, but I am vehemently opposed to allowing this kind of misuse of the PDD law to set a precedent for future development. Please read Walter Pond’s article in this week’s LC News as he says it all better than I could.
    I do hope more of you folks on both sides will join the discussion. This blog has been setting record numbers for the past two days with hundreds of people reading it every day (over 300 today alone!). Why not speak up and add your two cents?

  9. I am really glad to see Mark participating in the discussion and I love his comments. And, I agree. But the main reason I am glad he is here is that so someone else can be shown the error of their ways besides just me 🙂 I know that Corrin gets tired of my frequent misunderstandings. Or, perhaps I am right some of the time. Naw, that couldn’t be it.

  10. Corrin: You have some valid issues on the PDD law and if Wes just went to the citizens and asked about a Big Box it would almost be complete by now. I would be there making my Christmas list!!!
    I hope we can have further retail in the area. I had 2 customers stop in my shop yesterday (on Main tt) who were shopping at Wal-Mart. 1 family from York and 1 from Warsaw. If some of our Village Board members would address marketing and parking our Main St could really gain some business from the Big Box shoppers.

  11. Mark made some very interesting comments. I have asked PDDG many times how many local business shut down when the Super Wal-Mart came to Geneseo. I have never received an answer.

    There is an interesting study that was done by Purdue University that states, in part, “The reason that having a big box retailer like Wal-Mart, Target, Sam’s Club or Lowe’s increases an entrepreneur’s chances of starting a business could be because there’s more of a customer base to start a smaller business,” Marshall said. “They also could supply the big box retailer or, once they’ve opened their business, find the niche markets that the big box retailers can’t reach”.
    http://news.uns.purdue.edu/x/2007a/070327MarshallEntrepreneur.html (the link is provided so Corrin can verify my information). Granted, there are more issues in the study but for the most part, Big Box retailers were found to be positive in generating new small businesses. Thus, more businesses generate even more tax dollars for the town.

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