Clarion News Blog is hotspot for post-election debate

Two days after the Geneseo Town elections, the Clarion News Blog continues to be the place for online debate and analysis. Yesterday the news blog set an all-time record with over 350 readers. As of Thursday morning 13 comments had been posted on yesterday’s report about the election and what lies ahead for Geneseo, including a number from Lowe’s supporters.

The Clarion News Blog welcomes people on all sides to continue to use this blog for comment and fair debate. All comments are moderated to avoid personal attacks and libel, but all points of view are welcome! It is our hope that these first few signs of post-election dialog may begin to heal the wounds of the past three years.

Record traffic was also recorded yesterday on Corrin Strong’s campaign blog. Today, Corrin announced that he will stop posting to that blog after the final canvass of the results is completed next week.

In other news, Bill Lofquist has posted links to his and Corrin’s written comments on the Newman DEIS as part of his weekly column.

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