Daily Archives: December 1, 2007

Geneseo Planning Board schedules workshop Monday

The Town of Geneseo Planning Board has scheduled an extra meeting this coming Monday presumably to get to work on the Final Environmental Impact Statement(FEIS) for the Newman Development PDD proposal. This workshop meeting will commence at 6 p.m. at the town offices on Millennium Drive.

The board’s regular monthly meeting is scheduled for the following Monday on Dec. 10. This extra meeting may have been added to expedite the FEIS process which nominally has a Dec. 13 deadline, 45 days after the Oct. 29 public hearing.

Extensions to that deadline can be granted, and will no doubt be needed, given the lengthy nature of public comments received at the public hearing and in written form. Each of these comments must be responded to in the FEIS, and it is understood that the applicant is supposed to provide the first draft of these responses.

The Clarion News Blog has not received any material from a FOIL request filed on Nov. 19 seeking all communication between the developer and/or its agents and the planning board and/or its agents since the public hearing. On Nov. 29 the FOIL request was renewed for similar material since the first request.