Daily Archives: December 7, 2007

Bill is back and ready to rumble!

For members of our blogosphere who have missed Bill Lofquist’s weekly columns recently, he is back today with a new column. In it, Bill explains that he took a month off after the election to focus on his real job and also because the ball is now in the Planning Board’s court after the extensive comments submitted on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Newman PDD.

Despite expressing disappointment over the election results, Bill remains confident that after a “hard look” by the Planning Board at the problems with the PDD application and the DEIS, “the scale of this folly will be revealed.” Lofquist concludes by warning, “Don’t expect to see any white flags waving outside PDDG headquarters. The Big Box battle is a long way from over and we will fight it to the end.”

In other news, Clarioncall.com, has announced a Christmas party to be held on December 19 at the Vital Spot in Geneseo from 4- 6 p.m. All readers of this blog are welcome to join us for some holiday cheer. Some of you will actually receive a snail-mail invitation, but don’t feel slighted if you don’t. Postage is expensive and e-mail is free!

If you want to join us, simply send an e-mail RSVP or call 243-3530 by Monday the 17th, so we can make sure to have enough food on hand. You don’t have to be a PDDG supporter to attend. This blog is dedicated to open discussion of all issues and I hope those of contrary opinions will come (even if your name is Greg Lamb!)