Daily Archives: January 15, 2008

Planning Board sets Jan. 28 workshop meeting on Lowe’s

The Geneseo Town Planning Board meeting on Monday night included only a brief update of the status of its ongoing review of Newman’s proposed Big Box Lowe’s. It was announced that the Planning Board has provided Newman final instructions on the information needed for the completion of the Environmental Impact Statement.

Once Newman submits this information, the Board will begin the work of completing a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), culminating in its final determination on the merits of Newman’s proposal. Next up is a work meeting of the Board on January 28, at which it will consider whatever information Newman is able to submit by that time. The Board’s work to complete the FEIS is expected to take at least several meetings and several months.

Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo has already submitted a FOIL request for the final instructions provided to Newman. Based on previous discussions of the board, it is expected those instructions will include the details of all additional traffic studies needed and requirements that Newman provide renderings of the proposed Lowe’s that do not include access from 20A.

Other work expected to be requested from the developer includes an analysis of the effects of a new Lowe’s on future retail and Empire Zone development in the Gateway, and an identification of the amount of traffic that Rt. 20A can handle before widening of South Street would be necessary.

When a copy of the Planning Board’s memo to the developers is made available it will be published online on The PDDG File.