Daily Archives: January 25, 2008

Planning Board asks for more info on traffic, precedent impacts

After completing its initial review of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) submitted by Newman Development Group last July, the Town Planning Board has determined that it is inadequate in a number of important respects and has issued guidelines for Newman to follow in revising and supplementing its DEIS.

A copy of these guidelines, drafted by MRB Group and sent to Newman on Jan. 6 were obtained today by PDDG after a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request. The 8-page “Technical Review” indicates that the Planning Board is particularly concerned about the inadequacy of the information provided regarding the traffic impacts of Newman’s proposed Gateway Town Center and the failure of Newman to address the conflicts between its proposal and the existing zoning for the Gateway District.

Before its review can continue, the Planning Board has requested that Newman complete Alternative Routes Studies that conform to the requirements of the scope adopted by the Planning Board, that it identify the traffic effects of its proposal on Lima Rd., and that it evaluate the capacity of Route 20A to handle additional traffic through the residential corridor of the Village.

Newman is also being required to produce a site plan and a traffic analysis that do not include a new curb cut on 20A. Such a curb cut has been part of Newman’s plans since GTC was first proposed, though it is explicitly prohibited by the existing zoning. The existing zoning also requires that new buildings face Volunteer Road and prohibits strip development along 20A; Newman is being required to explain how its proposal meets these requirements or why it shouldn’t have to do so.

Newman has also been asked to explain why its development could not be located at other potentially available sites in Geneseo. They are also being asked to complete an analysis of the effects of this development on future retail development in the Gateway. Newman had failed to include such analyses in its draft EIS.

It is understood that some additional material has already been sent by Newman to the planning board and it will be reviewed at a special workshop meeting on Monday, Jan. 28.