Clarion Poll shows tight race in Democratic Primary

With New York State voters set to go to the polls Tuesday, Hillary Clinton held a slight lead over Barack Obama among Democrats responding to the Clarion News Blog Presidential Poll, 5o% to 35%. However the two candidates were tied among all voters, each earning about 23% each.

The online poll was answered by 20 Democrats, 20 Republicans and 8 who were not registered with a major party. 75 per cent of the respondents were Geneseo residents with another 12 per cent residents of other Livingston County towns. Most of the responses were received before the South Carolina Democratic primary. It does not necessarily reflect a scientific sample of opinion.

John McCain held a commanding lead among Republicans, favored by 55%, with Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney well back at 15 % each. Against the entire field, McCain was favored by 17% of the respondents.

Those who preferred Clinton cited the following reasons: Experienced in health care, Life and public experience, Intelligence, Experience with public office and integrity, Forthright, Hillary’s focused, gets things done and is practical, Intellectual capacity and that she is a strong, smart woman.

Those who preferred Obama cited his Intelligence, Honest, quick thinking, calm under pressure, Forward looking, fresh ideas, Non-connection with status quo; promise of change and outstanding character.

Those preferring McCain cited: Integrity honesty and experience, Logic, reason, and honesty, Honesty, war service and experience, Honesty,
Government experience both here & internationally, Honest, Connection to government – could get things done, and Experience, has faced adversity.

Complete results can be seen here. Thanks to all who participated!

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