PDDG asks for additional public comment period on FEIS

After reviewing a copy of the proposed Final EIS drafted by Newman Development received pursuant to a FOIL request last week, Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo (PDDG) has written to the Town of Geneseo Planning Board requesting that an additional comment period be 0pened for the public to respond to supplemental material added since the Draft EIS was submitted last fall. The new draft FEIS for Newman’s PDD application contains over a dozen appendices containing new information on alternate route studies, Lima Road and South Street traffic studies, pedestrian access and more.

In its letter to the board, PDDG wrote that even though the board had voted last fall to declare the DEIS complete, “the subsequent decision to require the submission of additional information to satisfy the Scope rendered its completeness decision premature.” PDDG points out that providing the public an opportunity to be heard on all original and supplemental submissions during the EIS process is required under SEQR regulations.

The Planning Board is scheduled to meet tonight to begin work on the newly submitted material. Board Attorney Joe Picciotti advised at the last meeting, however, that he did not want the board to address detailed issues in the new submittal. He indicated that it would take at least 30 days after submittal for the town’s engineering and legal staff to review the new material and make a formal recommendation to the board as to how to proceed.

The Clarion Call website will make copies of significant new materials available online later in the week. Bill Lofquist will also publish a preliminary analysis of the draft FEIS in his column on Thursday.

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