Planning board takes up FEIS tonight

After over two months of delay, the Geneseo Town Planning Board will take up the proposed Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Geneseo Town Centre proposal tonight at a special meeting. The town’s engineering and legal consultants have been preparing a response to the draft FEIS since it was submitted by Newman Development in early February.

The review process has been shrouded in secrecy and Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo (PDDG) has had limited success in getting copies of communications between the town’s agents and the developers. FOIL requests have revealed that a number of new studies and analysis have been produced by Newman in recent weeks. The new material includes key areas of controversy including traffic on Lima Road and Rt. 20A, the need for access on Rt. 20A, and the orientation of the proposed building.

PDDG has asked that a public comment period be provided to respond to this supplemental material. So far, however, that request has not been responded to by the board or its attorneys, despite PDDG’s claim that an additional comment period is required under SEQR regulations. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the new Town Hall on Millennium Drive.


2 responses to “Planning board takes up FEIS tonight

  1. Oops! WordPress changed their format and I accidentally deleted the last 25 comments! Sorry about that!

  2. At last night’s Planning Board meeting, one board member was concerned that a lack of a curb cut on 20A for access to Lowes would delay rescue operations in case of emergencies. All of 20A delays everything but the bottom line is there are emergency corridors parallel to traffic on 20A and should be on Volunteer Road. Then, too we could request a heliport on top of Lowes tastefully obscured by the point on their roof structure.

    Finally, re orientation of the Lowes building, it is very satisfying to exit Wegman’s Plaza and to be able to look over WalMart to see the Valley in the distance. That is a big victory for human love of the landscape and a comfort to all who are here for the Valley. I hope the Board will remember the import of preserving any/all views of our Valley in the Lowes and make it requisite in the review of all future applications.

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