About the Clarion News Blog

The Clarion News Blog covers occasional news stories in Geneseo and the Livingston County area, with particular emphasis on the Big Box Wars. It is edited by Corrin Strong, former publisher and editor of The Lake and Valley Clarion newspaper. The Clarion was sold to the Livingston County News in March of 2007 and Mr. Strong entered into a “do not compete” agreement with the buyer, therefore this blog will not attempt to be a comprehensive newspaper.

One response to “About the Clarion News Blog

  1. Hello everyone!

    I recently interviewed and profiled Corrin for my weekly E-Newsletter. His profile can be found at http://notableandnewsworthy.blogspot.com/2007/04/corrin-strong.html

    Most of you already know about Corrin, but this may give you some more background information.

    Thank you for continuing to publish your thoughts.


    Benjamin DeGeorge
    SUNY Geneseo Student

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