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Lowe’s Update

There’s been a flurry of activity on the Newman PDD application since the Planning Board officially issued its Official Findings statement on June 12 and the County Planning Board approved the proposal on the same day. The Town Board has spent two full sessions carefully reviewing that Findings statement with the goal of producing its own amended version.

At a special meeting Monday, the board raised questions about the need for a traffic study for the Center Street intersection and another study to see if the Morganview entrance should be right turn in/out only. The board will attempt to resolve these issues and have a draft of its own Findings statement by its next meeting on July 10.

Meanwhile the Planning Board has been working on site plan issues. Much of the action is apparently taking place out of public view in a series of private meetings between the developer and selected members of the planning board, the town board and the town’s architectural review committee (which includes Ken Book, Dan Dimpfl and Marge Wilkie). These private meetings are legal so long as a quorum of any one board is not present at the same time.

A glimpse of how the negotiation are going was revealed at the board’s recent meeting, also on Monday. The Planning Board is apparently trying to get the overall height of the peak reduced to less than 45 feet. They have also asked that the background of the Lowe’s sign in the peak be changed from a bright red to a earthier brown.

The board is also concerned about Newman’s plan to deed a block of ground fronting Rt. 20-A to the town. The town does not want the land, and to do so would reduce the required open space that the developer is required to maintain to below the required 40%.

The planning board is also working on responding to a letter from the town board asking for more specific recommendations on site dimensions and other details. The Planning Board has scheduled two more meetings in July to continue this review. They will be on July 14 and 21.

Planning Board approves slightly larger Lowe’s

The Geneseo Planning Board approved a revised Lowe’s plan submitted by Newman Development Monday night and then adopted a Positive Finding under SEQR. The new Lowe’s plan is based on the smallest prototype store that Lowe’s builds with 104,000 square feet of sales space plus a 31,000 square foot garden center. Along with storage space the total square footage would be 155,433.

This is about 9 per cent smaller than the 169,000 square foot store that Newman had originally proposed, but 15,000 square feet larger than the 140,000 square foot limit placed on the store by the planning board just two weeks ago. The approved store would be slightly smaller in total area than the Lowe’s Henrietta store which totals 162,000 square feet.

The board also revisited the question of the Lowe’s orientation, but decided to stay with the CP-3 plan facing Volunteer Road that was approved at the last meeting. The developer had wanted the CP-5 plan which faces more towards Rt. 20-A. A majority of four members, however refused to budge from their feeling that the need to limit future sprawl to the east on Rt. 20-A outweighed any other considerations on this issue. Those four were Marge Wilkie, Patti Lavigne, Tom Curtin and Hank Latorella.

Other questions about building elevation, height and materials were deferred to the site plan review phase which will commence after the proposal goes to the Town Board for PDD zoning approval. Board member Hank Latorella suggested that the developer should be required to face the building with brick. It was pointed out that the proposal will now go before the Architectural Review Committee which is comprised of Ken Book, Dan Dimpfl and Marge Wilkie for recommendations on such matters.