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PDDG calls for negative or mitigated finding on Newman FEIS

Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo has delivered a 120-page report to members of the Geneseo Town Planning Board calling for either a negative or a mitigated finding under SEQR on the Newman PDD application. The Planning Board will take up the matter at its regular meeting next Monday, May 12.

The core of PDDG memo is a 14-page report arguing that the board should find that the proposed Lowe’s Big Box can not be built without causing adverse environmental impact. The report also suggests a number of areas where additional mitigation is needed, if the board should decide to move the project forward.

These mitigations include eliminating access to Rt. 20-A at Morganview Drive and orienting the building to face Volunteer Road. PDDG argues that both of these are required by the underlying zoning for the Gateway District. The report also includes a 3-page executive summary, and over 100 pages of supporting material in 5 appendices.

A copy of the report full report is available for public examination at Mattie’s Cafe on Main Street in Geneseo. The Planning Board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday at the Town Hall on Millennium Drive.

Findings consideration put off until May 12

A special meeting of the Geneseo Town Planning Board scheduled for April 28 to consider the Findings under SEQR on the Newman Development PDD application has been canceled. The matter will be taken up at the next regular meeting of the Planning board on Monday May 12.

The delay was caused by the failure of the town to complete the final version of the FEIS until this week. Under SEQR regulations, a 10-day period for public and other agency consideration must be allowed before Findings can be adopted.

When the FEIS was neither officially noticed or provided last week PDDG wrote to the board requesting that any consideration of the findings be delayed until after the 10-day period. Although PDDG did not receive any official answer to its request it was finally learned that the April 28 meeting had been canceled.

Copies of the FEIS are available for public inspection at the Wadsworth Library and the Geneseo Municipal Building at 119 Main Street. Comments on the FEIS may be sent to the planning Board, however, the board is not required to respond to any comments.

The board must now decide if based on the FEIS the project can go forward without causing significant environmental damage. The board can either kill the project, approve it unconditionally, or add conditions for additional mitigation to any approval. The board has 30 days from the filing of the FEIS on April 21 to adopt its findings.