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County Planning Board to consider GTC tonight

The Livingston County Planning Board will consider the proposed Geneseo Town Centre proposal at its monthly meeting tonight. The board had considered the project two years ago, but that was premature for an official referral, since the General Municipal Law requires the board to have all the evidence from the SEQR process before it.

Since the Geneseo Planning Board completed the SEQR process by approving Findings last month, which included mitigations that reduced the size of the Lowe’s building and required it to face Volunteer Road, the matter is now ripe for County Planning Board action.

PDDG members Bill Lofquist and Corrin Strong have sent a memo to County Planning Board members urging the board to reject the project as not in keeping with the town or the county’s master plan and policies. The memo also takes particular aim at the access driveway opposite Morganview Drive, which they say is in violation of the Gateway District zoning, will create a major traffic problems and encourage future commercial sprawl to the east.

The memo urges the County Board to recommend that the Morganview access either be eliminated or restricted to delivery trucks and emergency vehicles. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Alice Wadsworth Strong room at the Livingston County Building.

PDDG calls for negative or mitigated finding on Newman FEIS

Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo has delivered a 120-page report to members of the Geneseo Town Planning Board calling for either a negative or a mitigated finding under SEQR on the Newman PDD application. The Planning Board will take up the matter at its regular meeting next Monday, May 12.

The core of PDDG memo is a 14-page report arguing that the board should find that the proposed Lowe’s Big Box can not be built without causing adverse environmental impact. The report also suggests a number of areas where additional mitigation is needed, if the board should decide to move the project forward.

These mitigations include eliminating access to Rt. 20-A at Morganview Drive and orienting the building to face Volunteer Road. PDDG argues that both of these are required by the underlying zoning for the Gateway District. The report also includes a 3-page executive summary, and over 100 pages of supporting material in 5 appendices.

A copy of the report full report is available for public examination at Mattie’s Cafe on Main Street in Geneseo. The Planning Board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday at the Town Hall on Millennium Drive.