Lowes public hearing set for October 29

A public hearing on the application of Newman Development Group for a Planned Development District (PDD) will be held on Monday October 29 at the Geneseo Central School from 6 to 11 p.m. The hearing will be held jointly by both the Town Planning Board and the Town Board.

The Planning Board will be seeking input on the developer’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) which was recently accepted by the board as complete. In addition comments can be made on the site plan, special use permit and subdivision applications, as well as the PDD application itself.

Most of those areas are within the jurisdiction of the planning board, however, the town board will be making the ultimate decision on whether to grant the PDD zoning. Contrary to statements made by some proponents of the project, the underlying zoning in the Gateway has not been changed and will not change unless the town board grants the PDD application at the end of the process.

Before that can happen, the planning board will need to complete action on the SEQR review by adopting a Final EIS. It is expected that because of time requirements built into the SEQR regulations, the matter will not reach the town board until after Jan. 1 when a new board elected in next month’s election will be in office.

Written comments on the DEIS can be sent to Planning Board at 4630 Millennium Drive, Geneseo , N.Y. 14454. By law the comment period must be kept open for at least 10 days following the close of the public hearing. Ground rules for the public hearing have not been announced, but perhaps will be clarified at the Planning Board’s monthly meeting for October scheduled for next Monday.

One response to “Lowes public hearing set for October 29

  1. It’s too bad that bottle on the counter still has the cork in it, otherwise I could afford to fly up there for the hearing. In fact, if I were receiving the grossly over-inflated amount that you and Bill published, I could even fly first class !!!!!!!
    Will be interesting to see what the turnout is from a positive/negative standpoint. Could be a very emotional meeting.

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