Clarion News Blog files FOIL request

The Clarion News Blog has filed a request under the NYS Freedom of Information Law with Geneseo Planning Board Chairman Dwight Folts for all correspondence between Newman Development and/or its agents and the Town of Geneseo and/or its agents since the public hearing of Oct. 29. The letter also requests clarification of the Planning Board’s policy on whether records pertaining to the Final EIS are public.

The Planning board had previously been sent copies of advisory opinions of the NYS Committee of Open Government that ruled that any communications between a developer and the town or its agents with respect to a EIS are public as soon as received. Nevertheless there was considerable delay in getting correspondence under a previous FOIL request concerning the Draft EIS, after Planning Board attorney Joe Picciotti raised concerns about whether the documents were public.

Clarion News Blog Publisher Corrin Strong also requested that the board notify him when so-called “draft responsiveness summaries” are received by the town or its agents. These summaries, prepared by the developer, are the first draft of suggested responses to the public comments made at the hearing or submitted in written form.

Strong pointed out that by agreeing to notify him when the summaries are received, it will eliminate the need for him to file and the town to respond to repetitive FOIL requests.

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