Kennison proposes $2K raise for new Supe

At his final official meeting as Town Supervisor on Thursday, Wes Kennison attempted to deliver a belated Christmas present to incoming Supervisor Will Wadsworth. Kennison proposed raising the town supervisor’s salary by $2,000.

This raise would be in addition to the regular 4 per cent raise given all town elected officials included in the recently adopted 2008 budget. The salary paid to the Geneseo Supervisor from both the town and county totals around $39,000, but Kennison said that is not enough given the responsibilities of the job.

He suggested that the board could deliver the increase in the form of a new line item for the “Chief Budget Officer” of the town. The board decided to table the suggestion for consideration at a later meeting. The town’s organizational meeting will be on Thursday, Jan 3 at 4 p.m.

Reminder: There are only two days left to take the Lowe’s Community Online Poll. The poll will close Sunday night and an analysis of the final results will be posted on this site Monday morning. For a preliminary report on the poll results thus far see Corrin’s Clarion Call column.

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