PDDG finds DEIS wanting

Please Don’t Destroy Geneseo (PDDG) has completed its preliminary analysis of the 800+ page Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) submitted by Newman Development two weeks ago. In a report (available here as a pdf)sent to the Geneseo Town Planning Board today, PDDG concluded that the DEIS fails to follow the instructions issued by the board in the final scope it adopted in February.

PDDG claims that six of the new studies conducted for the DEIS were done incompletely or incorrectly. These include two Alternate Route Studies and a Trip Generation Study, as well as the Bicycle and Pedestrian Study which is only one page long. PDDG also maintains that Newman did not properly study the precedent effect of the project and that the photo renderings of the different building configurations were taken from the wrong locations.

PDDG urges the planning board to reject the DEIS as incompete and require Newman to re-do the defective studies. The planning board will meet for the first time since the DEIS was received on August 13, but they do not have to make a decision on accepting it as complete at that time.

Under the SEQR regulations the board has 45 days to decide that, which will run into early September. If the board rejects the study as incomplete before then, a whole new 45 day period would start running after an amended DEIS is filed by the developer.

For more on PDDG’s report, see Bill Lofquist’s article this week here.

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