Wadsworth captures Republican caucus

Will Wadsworth was nominated for Geneseo Supervisor in a three-way race at the Republican Caucus Saturday. He received a total of 119 votes out of 260 cast. Corrin Strong trailed by 21 votes with 98, while Patti Lavigne received 43.

Lavigne, however, was nominated for Town Board, after Mary Calabrese made a motion to put the names of all three Supervisor candidates into the race. Corrin Strong declined that option, but Lavigne and Wadsworth agreed to stay in both races.

That made it a four-way race for town board since incumbent David Dwyer and Stirlin Harris had already been nominated. Harris nominated himself before Calabrese’s motion saying that he wanted merely to be a stand-in for one of the unsucessful Supervisor candidates. His plan was to decline the nomination if he had won so the Committee to Fill Vacancies could appoint one of the other candidates.

The final tally in the town board race was Dwyer 177, Lavigne 96, Wadsworth 85 and Harris 58. The Republican team for the fall then will be Wadsworth for Supervisor and Dwyer and Lavigne for town board. The Democrats will hold their caucus on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Geneseo Central School.

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